Why Isn't My Conversion Rate Increasing?

    By Amy Montague, Wednesday 12 December 2018

    You’ve tried everything from SEO to A/B testing and marketing automation, but still, you aren’t seeing the conversion rates you want, so you give in and settle for less. However, fear not all your conversion issues shall be fixed in this short blog post.

    They say it’s the little things that count and that is true for the digital e-commerce world too. Overlooking the small things often results in lower revenue and lower conversion rates, but how can you fix it? Read our Grow Your Website Conversion Rate ebook. 

    Sweat the small stuff

    Conversion rates differ greatly depending on the industry. According to irpcommerce, the average conversion rate for ecommece brands in the clothing and accessories sector is only 1.41%, with the arts & crafts sector having the highest conversion rate at 4.01%. Evidently there is huge diversity within the ecommerce industry depending on sector, which subsequently feeds into shopping intention and customer profiles. 

    There is no cookie-cutter way of increasing conversions that will work for all ecommerce sectors and industries. Instead deeper investigation needs to be performed to find out exactly where and why users are bouncing or choosing not to convert. 

    Your in-house developers, testers or re-platformers are working around the clock to ensure that your site works. But it needs to do more than just work. Focusing only on what your in-house teams do, rules out the many thousands of customers experiences and journeys happening on your site every day, and this is where you will see conversions rise. Understanding which journeys your users go on, either while browsing or buying, means you can also understand where your sites pain points are.

    But it’s not just the journeys they take but how they take them. Your user journeys will take place on many different devices. Using Google Analytics may help you understand which devices your customers use but not where they are dropping off and why. Users want a seamless 360 experience which lets them go from browsing to buying as quickly as possible, without any issues or problems that could stop them. But if your site isn’t optimised or catered towards a specific device model you could be losing thousands of conversions as customers have difficulty using your site.

    How to increase your conversion rate?

    So far, we have learned that understanding your user journeys and the devices they use to perform them are the two key factors which could be reducing your conversion rate. But how can you fix this? Luckily for you, there are many companies out there who use community-sourced testing to find all the pain points in your user journeys. By acting as normal users, testing communities can find hundreds of different conversion issues on your site which automated scanning simply cannot identify. Having a large enough testing community means that more devices are covered, even if your site is global.

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    Amy Montague

    Amy Montague

    As one of the Marketing Executives for Digivante, Amy provides and reviews most of the copy and visual content for Digivante. Amy has a natural flair for the creative and introduces aspect into her marketing role.

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