The Costliest Bugs Of 2018

    By Dan Berry, Wednesday 19 December 2018

    The new year is a good time to review what has happened over the past 12 months and how it has changed your way of thinking. From your most profitable month to your worst, how can you set 2019 up to be the most successful year so far?

    If we have learned anything from this year it’s that change is happening, and your users expect your brand to be on top of the digital change. For most this means implementing new functionalities, such a chat-bots, into the digital experience, closing that gap between us and them in the quickest way possible. However, no matter how many amazing and innovative functions you have on your website or app, it all means nothing if they don’t work.

    Take 2018’s Black Friday fiasco, for example, many brands and businesses knew that the Black Friday weekend would result in a sudden surge of traffic, yet big brands still underperformed and many lost thousands of pounds due to bugs and errors.

    But why did this happen?

    Websites and apps are a lot like robots, you can wire them up and install all the correct software but without testing, you will never know if it works properly until it’s in the hands of your users. Websites and apps are made up of many varying robots and each of them work together in different ways. Some process transactions, while others review trends and manage traffic. Introducing a new robot or functionality into the mesh could result in new or old bugs revealing themselves from the wireframe of your website.

    The bottom line is website bugs are expensive. Without knowing it you could be losing millions of pounds every year due to the simplest bug preventing your users from performing conversions.

    Here are the top 5 costliest bugs reducing your revenue in 2018:

    5 costliest bugs reducing your revenue in 2018 Infographic

    This is in no means an exhaustive list. With the new year on its way new bugs will come up without you knowing it and the whole process starts over again.

    How do you stop the cycle?

    Initially, the first thing you will want to do is get your UX, development and tester teams on the job to identify as many issues as possible. But with tight schedules, browser blindness and a back-end testing system, how are you going to know which bugs your users are encountering without approaching your app/website like a user?

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    Dan Berry

    Dan Berry

    As Digivante’s CEO Dan is a consistent inspirational force within the company. He is viewed as a mentor and friend to many of the commercial team members, and consistently pushes Digivante further, achieving goals that weren’t possible a year ago.

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