Our Best Exploratory Testing Blogs To Date

    By Jessika Savage, Monday 14 December 2020

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    This year we've been talking a lot about the importance of Exploratory Testing and how using multiple professional testers to undertake different journeys on your site on a wide array of devices/browsers/operating systems enables you to find and fix core and critical defects. We've put together a list of our most popular Exploratory Testing blogs to date.

    Digivante's most popular Exploratory Testing blogs:

    1. The Business Case For Exploratory Testing
    2. What Is Exploratory Testing?
    3. The Ultimate Guide To Exploratory Testing
    4. Plan Exploratory Testing For Success
    5. 3 Shocking Website Bugs Found Through Exploratory Testing

    The importance of Exploratory Testing

    Exploratory testing is performed to replicate real-world behaviour and decision making beyond the script, uncovering the silent bugs that affect conversions and revenue. This testing type is conducted by skilled testers who are given free-range to explore a website or app and relies on them to uncover defects that are not easily covered in the scope of other tests.

    If you are looking to review the quality of your website or app from a user perspective then exploratory testing is a must-have for ensuring conversion rates and revenue maximisation.

    Find out why Exploratory Testing is crucial for Conversion Rate Optimisation.

    What are the benefits of Exploratory Testing?

    • Less preparation is needed
    • Critical bugs are found where they may not be in other tests
    • Improves customer satisfaction
    • Rapid feedback
    • Simultaneous learning for the tester

    Leading work-wear and uniform brand, Simon Jersey had a poor web launch due to a lack of testing, so sought our services and we managed to uncover 324 issues - including incorrect pricing and payment errors. Once fixed, this resulted in a significant increase in turnover and revenue. Read the case study here.

    How can we help?

    Our managed professional testing consists of unscripted execution, with an average of 200 defects raised against test environments and 100 when run against the live environment.

    • Free-range testing provides an in-depth insight
    • Continual loop of actionable feedback for developers
    • Thorough compatibility testing in detail and at scale

    You can find out more about Exploratory Testing and our other services

    Jessika Savage

    Jessika Savage

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