May Update 2019

    By Amy Montague, Tuesday 7 May 2019

    During the month of May, we are focusing our efforts on bringing awareness to the effects of usability (UX) and localisation web testing on customer satisfaction, brand value and revenue. Why? Because 29 years after the first web page was created, sites are still letting down their users with un-customer focused web pages.

    What is usability and localisation testing?

    In a way usability and localisation testing are very similar. Usability testing focuses on using real-world users to perform customer journeys. With a specific demographic or target audience as testers, usability testing uncovers all of the issues and bugs which lead to reduced brand loyalty and negatively affect customer experiences online.

    Localisation testing focuses on using a global community of testers who identify web issues such as mistaken translations, device coverage, colloquialisms, location-specific payment options and more, with the aim of increasing customer experience on a site.

    Find out more information about usability and localisation testing.

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    May's Big Hits

    The Ultimate Localisation Checklist - "If you’ve embarked on the process of localization testing, you might find yourself getting lost quickly. There are many steps to follow, and it’s important not to skip any if you want your project delivered on time and on budget."

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    9 Tips for Website Localisation - "Airbnb is a great example of a service that’s made their localized website accessible and easy for its users. The translated site is easy to find, and the translations are high quality. It drives them traffic and makes their customers happier."

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    Amy Montague

    Amy Montague

    As one of the Marketing Executives for Digivante, Amy provides and reviews most of the copy and visual content for Digivante. Amy has a natural flair for the creative and introduces aspect into her marketing role.

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