How digital performance management increases conversions and obliterates the competition

    By Dan Berry, Tuesday 14 May 2019

    With the UK high street in the throes of economic Armageddon, many retailers are now entirely reliant on their online presence. This has made optimised digital performance the key to success. User journeys must be nigh-on perfect and functional issues must be few and far between in order to excel. In this merciless environment, where 53% of mobile users will throw in the towel if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, small improvements can cause tectonic shifts. They can make you and break your competitors.

    But to achieve this, online retailers need to know everything about their sites and apps. They need to know the devices and browsers their target audience is using, in order to ensure their customer journeys are swift and painless. They need to know that with website and app updates, come new user experience (UX) issues. They need to know if critical bugs are killing their conversions. Read our Grow Your Website Conversion Rate ebook.

    Without an overarching strategy to achieve this, however, e-commerce outlets are on the road to nowhere. This is why a Digital Performance Management strategy is crucial.

    Web and app testing are cornerstones of this. But Digivante goes far beyond just testing. We fully understand your business requirements as well as the technical aspects of your applications. This allows us to test in the most relevant and effective way, before reporting the right information back to you.

    One of the ways we achieve this is by using our Digital Revenue Calculator – a deep analytics tool that truly drills down into your data.

    By comparison to Google Analytics, it can examine conversion performance and revenue on different browsers and different devices. If your target audience is predominantly the iPhone 5S users, we can give you the data. If they are Samsung Galaxy S9 users, we can give you the data. If they are Huawei P9 Plus users, we can give you the data.

    Once we’re able to identify the best and worst performing devices and models, we then apply an algorithm. This illustrates what the revenue uplift would be if the poorly performing device was able to match the performance level of the top device.

    All of this will be reported to you through our digital performance platform. You can easily view all of the issues including functional and usability as well as performance. You can also view the device the issues happened on, how many times they occurred and a full video replay of them.

    We give you all of the tools you need to evidence the issues and send those through to the relevant parties for repair. Crucially, we identify whether issues are critical or cosmetic, so you can prioritise your resources accordingly. One of the UK's largest insurance companies increased their smartphone conversions by 89% since working with us.

    Ultimately, we have developed a cost-effective digital performance platform to help you optimise your customer experience proactively. A platform to continually assess, test and accelerate your online performance as you release new features and functionalities. Our community of professional testers, security experts and real users, will give you the actionable insight you need to excel in the unforgiving ecommerce world.

    Dan Berry

    Dan Berry

    As Digivante’s CEO Dan is a consistent inspirational force within the company. He is viewed as a mentor and friend to many of the commercial team members, and consistently pushes Digivante further, achieving goals that weren’t possible a year ago.

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