Can you ever have too many agencies?

    By Amy Montague, Monday 28 January 2019

    "We already have a third party agency who deals with all of this, so no further action is needed."

    Sound familiar?

    More often than not, companies tell us time and time again that they already have a third party agency who deals with all aspects surrounding QA, testing and other similar fields, and therefore don't need any more help. However, this simply isn't true. In an ideal world, your conversions would be continuously increasing, your users would be performing perfect user journeys, your bounce rates would be under 20% and the bugs we find every day on these business critical websites wouldn't exist.Regardless of which stage your website is in, from production to launch, web testing will provide your site with a personalised service covering localisation, functionality, usability and more.

    Not convinced?

    For those of you already with third party agencies, understanding exactly what they cover and seeing the potential to expand your coverage will result in nothing but benefits.

    Working together with a large British technology company, we joined with their multinational third-party agency and took on all their testing needs. From new releases, script writing to website maintenance. But what makes our web testing so unique, beneficial and needed? It's simple.


    Speed and accuracy

    Using our global community of testers, we are able to perform round the clock testing. In the real world, this means we can begin, for example, regression testing on Friday evening and have the results back on Monday morning. Other third-party companies simply cannot produce this kind of results.

    What are the facts about website testing?

    Like it or not, website bugs eat away and corrupt your brand's online appearance whether you're aware of them or not. But how?

    The key phrase here is potential revenue. Depending upon the type of industry you work in, website bugs can unknowingly cost you up to £1.3 million per month in potential revenue. That's the revenue you could be receiving which has been destroyed by bugs affecting your loading times, conversions and optimisation, as well as countless other issues.

    And what about your internal teams? I've used this phrase before but I'll use it again, internal testing and development teams are a lot like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. They run around trying to complete tasks on time, while their list of projects continues to grow.

    Blog Picture of a clock (website testing tools)

    Not only does web testing eat into their time and increase stress but on average developers spend 50% of their time finding and fixing bugs, and 10% of their time waiting for tests to be completed. All this wasted time adds up to a massive £200 billion in wasted profits.

    So, the question remains. Why not work together with an external testing team, which can adhere to your current third-party agencies and save you thousands in potential revenue?

    Next steps

    Together we have lightly covered bounce rates, loading times, third-party agencies, revenue, your internal teams, and how web testing benefits every single one. Alas, we have merely skimmed the surface, there's so much more to web testing and so much more your brand can achieve.

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    Amy Montague

    Amy Montague

    As one of the Marketing Executives for Digivante, Amy provides and reviews most of the copy and visual content for Digivante. Amy has a natural flair for the creative and introduces aspect into her marketing role.

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