August Update 2019

    By Amy Montague, Tuesday 6 August 2019

    As July comes to an end, the inconsistent UK weather remains. Will we have a heatwave? Will there be a thunderstorm? Who knows? But if there's one thing we do know about, it's digital performance. This month, we are going to focus on the changes happening within the industry and how to tackle oncoming storms.

    What's new?

    As Beauty Bay released its new website design, it sparked a fresh look at UX and user behaviours. The site now offers the choice between products or content, bridging the gap between what users want to buy and what they want to know. Overall, this is a completely new way of personalising the online experience and it's still up in the air whether this approach will gain much traction or not. But one this is for sure, ecommerce is set to regenerate once again as UX leads the way in the digital world.

    For brands which still fail to stay up to date with current trends or who haven't adopted the online world yet, this is a huge turning point. Later this month we will be releasing an in-depth insight into how to advance in the changing digital world and what you can do to prevent being left on the shelf.

    A new wave of ecommerce re-design


    Your digital fix

    Unless you have been ignoring the outside world then you should be aware of the increasing problems surrounding hacking, especially in terms of big-name brands. BA, Marriott and even Capital One have now been hacked, exposing millions of peoples sensitive information. The problem is if even the big brands can't prevent hacking then what will happen to smaller brands who don't have as much money, resources or time?

    5 Ways to avoid a cyber attack (unlike Marriott & BA)

    Digital Digest

    We make comparisons about what’s real or not all the time. Fake news, fake websites, fake designer products. It’s all over the place, even within the business industry. Brands which claim to fix all your problems or provide a specific solution cut corners to save time and money. Often leaving you with a below-average experience, which has been sold to you as prized gold.

    And no other industry will do this to you more than the web testing industry. All those third parties or agencies you believe to be working away in the background maintaining your site at its peak performance, are in fact skimming over your website/app to find just a few defects a month to keep you happy. But why can they do this?

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    The big hits

    The Future of Ecommerce: How Ecommerce Will Change in 2019 and Beyond by Andrew Roach - "When it comes to discussing the future of ecommerce, one thing is clear: there will be much more importance placed on the devices that buyers use when they’re shopping online. But, why exactly? Well, in the past, most ecommerce businesses built their shopping experiences to be desktop-first."

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    The Next Generation of eCommerce by Neil Patel - "In the eCommerce world, things like product selection, pricing, shipping, and customer service all play an important role in the customer experience. We see a company like Amazon really trying to stay ahead of the curve on shipping by their proposed use of drones to deliver small packages."

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    Amy Montague

    Amy Montague

    As one of the Marketing Executives for Digivante, Amy provides and reviews most of the copy and visual content for Digivante. Amy has a natural flair for the creative and introduces aspect into her marketing role.

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