A Customer View: The Truth About Web Testing

    By Amy Montague, Tuesday 8 January 2019

    Website and app testing is at the bottom of all e-commerce managers and head of developments lists. Most of the time we just want to ignore complexities and just see the benefits. So here we are, as told by our customers, 5 of the biggest benefits of web testing:

    1. Bringing in the dough

    For every brand and business online the main objective is to boost conversion rates, increase sales and heighten revenue. But how does this link to web testing? Testing eradicates any conversion issues which are stopping your customers from purchasing and performing conversions, eventually leading to site abandonment. The travel industry alone has an eye-watering cart abandonment rate of 81.8% and retail is close behind at 74.2%.

    After testing benefits: Many of our customers experience an increase in conversion rates and revenue after web testing. For example, Quality Cottage's conversion rate doubled and they beat their revenue goal with 3 months to go. While Simon Jersey experienced a 16% increase in revenue 2 weeks after testing was performed. We have a complete guide to increasing your conversion rates, check it out.

    2. Something new

    Re-platforming and additional functionalities are often introduced with positive intent. However, the complex and stressful process to get something new and reliable out there often falls short of its expected success. In fact, 69% of decision-makers concluded that the customer experience was negatively impacted after re-platforming.

    After testing benefits: Months and months of Hell were experienced by Simon Jersey after a previous web launch, all due to neglected web testing. Their tester and developer teams had to go through each and every inch of their site to find the bugs that were causing negative customer experiences. This took up hours of their time and costing thousands of pounds. Check out our Simon Jersey Case Study for more details.

    3. Ready, set, optimise

    Optimisation is a bit of a heavy one. It encompasses browser and device optimisation, as well as localisation. But is it all worth it? Short answer, yes. Every single one of your customers wants to feel like your site is catered towards them. Meaning currency, language and payment must all be formatted and localised correctly, no matter where the customer is in the world. And with 3.5 billion active mobiles, m-commerce (mobile e-commerce) is gaining trajectory. In the UK alone, m-commerce is expected to show the fastest growth, with 45% of e-commerce purchases being done via mobile and expanding by a further 16% annually, making m-commerce worth just under £100 billion by 2022.

    After testing benefits: Testing will optimise your site across all devices, browsers and locations. For your customers, this means smoother user journeys are performed, directly transforming them from browsers into buyers due to ease of use. Having your site localised for each and every country your site has an audience in, results in more conversions performed and more revenue generated. For example, if a customer in China wants to buy a product on your site and are at the checkout. They will expect to see familiar payment methods such as Alipay or Union Pay instead of PayPal. Without localisation, your customers can come across unfamiliar payment methods and are more likely to abandon their cart. After all, we trust what we are familiar with. On mobile, 50% of customers did not purchase from a site in which they did not feel comfortable inputting their payment details, primarily due to a lack of localisation.


    4. Mine, mine, mine

    Bugs suck up and pick at revenue; a 3-second site delay due to bugs will turn away a massive 53% of your customers. A singular bug on a retail site can cost you £1.3 million annually, due to lost revenue. Just one bug can do that. Imagine how much money you could be losing.

    After testing benefits: We recently conducted a study calculating how much money is lost due to bugs across a range of different industries. No matter which sector you're in, bugs are expensive and they are all picking at your revenue decreasing it without you knowing.

    5. I'm going to be late!

    Much like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, developer and tester teams are consistently running around trying to finish projects and maintain the whole show. Having a dedicated tester team should be an integral part of your business, as they can scan and highlight any back end problems. However, your customers aren't looking at your website the same way testers and developers are. Instead, they are performing journeys across your site and here's where your bugs lay.

    After testing benefits: Taking the testing out of house will help your brand eradicate any customer-facing bugs, ultimately increasing conversions and sales. On average, developers spend 50% of their time finding and fixing bugs, and 10% of their time waiting for tests to be completed. All this wasted time adds up to a massive £200-billion in wasted profits. For your company, working with a community of professional testers will be cheaper, more thorough and quicker than getting in house teams to take on extra work.

    Phew! We are at the end. Those were the top 5 benefits of website and app testing without all the confusing terminology and jargon that throws you off.

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    Amy Montague

    Amy Montague

    As one of the Marketing Executives for Digivante, Amy provides and reviews most of the copy and visual content for Digivante. Amy has a natural flair for the creative and introduces aspect into her marketing role.

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