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Why mothercare is closing for good, and what could have saved it?

by Amy Montague, 14th January 2020

Problem - Mothercare shuts down their website and announces final store closures this week. Solution - Using functional testing to improve digital quality as customer habits change. Read Time - 4...

The Business Case of Website Testing

by Amy Montague, 9th January 2020

Given the title of this blog, it’s likely that you have clicked on this article because you either work on the back end of a website, dealing with developers and internal testing teams alike. Or...

How Does Security Testing Add Value to Businesses

by The Community, 7th January 2020

Security testing refers to the entire spectrum of testing initiatives that are aimed at ensuring proper and flawless functioning of an application in a production environment. It aims at evaluating...

5 Ways to Speed Up Website Bug Identification

by The Community, 19th December 2019

Website bugs reduce revenue, increase bounce rates and negatively affect the overall performance and usability of a system. Bugs occur every day, as new functionalities are launched, products are...

Functional Testing Is the Foundation of Ensuring Digital Quality

by The Community, 17th December 2019

Summary After reading this, you should have answers to the following:

Beyond The Human Touch? Pros And Cons Of Automated Vs Manual Website Testing

by Amy Montague, 13th December 2019

Systematic, ongoing website testing can help you trap, identify and eradicate the bugs, usability issues and other digital performance problems which harm your bottom line.  But should it be an...

Functional Testing: Every Step Explained

by The Community, 12th December 2019

There’s an old saying that “the first impression is the lasting impression” and hence we, as digital businesses, always want our users to experience only the best of our end-products. If your product...

Why Exploratory Testing Is Crucial For Conversion Rate Optimisation

by Amy Montague, 4th December 2019

Exploratory testing brings a different level of skill and insight to conversion rate optimisation; a level which most brands, CRO agencies and testing companies just don’t have access to.

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